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Games We Play by Dana Isaly

Publication Date: August 27th 2021

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Jack is a faceless gamer known as The Joker. He makes a living playing video games and using his gravelly voice to bring people’s sexual fantasies to life.

When the top gaming site on the West Coast sends someone out to interview him, Quinlan walks into his apartment with her auburn curls and thick curves, and they’re instantly drawn to each other.

Quinlan has no idea of the monster that lurks beneath the surface of his calm demeanor.

Jack is quicksand, pulling her down into the dark underbelly of his desires.

To get out unscathed, she’ll need to give into the hunger she has always tried to deny.

Thank you TikTok for this one. It totally made me do it.

This is a brand new author to me and I can’t wait to read more. I loved the chemistry between Jack and Quinlan. I loved the dynamic between the two of them. My only complaint is that I wish, very badly, that this was longer. Can I be selfish and say I just need more? Because I do. I wanted more out of this. I think having this as a novella was alright but I would have loved to see this be a great novel. Overall, I enjoyed this story and really loved our main characters.


About the Author:

Dana Isaly is a writer of dark romance, fantasy romance, and has also been known to dabble in poetry (it was a phase in college, leave her alone).

She was born in the Midwest and has been all over but now resides (begrudgingly) in Alabama. She is a lover of books, coffee, and rainy days. Dana is probably the only person in the writing community that is actually a morning person.

She swears too much, is way too comfortable on her TikTok, and believes that love is love is love.

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