Book Review | The Puppetmaster

The Puppetmaster by Linnea May

Publication Date: September 25, 2019

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I don’t just train. I don’t just own. I make them dance.

My name makes their hearts beat with desire and their skin tickle with sweet fear—a name spoken in hushed voices, hot craving lacing every syllable.

They call me The Puppetmaster.

And when I’m on the hunt, they come running—willing to serve at my feet.

But I’m a cruel Master, and highly selective.

Not just anyone can become my puppet.

I know she can. I’ve known for a long time.

Yet, my heart almost stops when I see her name on the list.

Because this is not how it was supposed to happen.

Not now. Not like this.

Alena Prey—your name may imply otherwise, but you’re no easy take. Even for me. You wreak havoc with a plan I’ve had for years, but it won’t stop me from reaching my goal—a goal that you’re destined to be a part of.

Don’t even try to cut the strings, my puppet.

For you’ll be the last to dance for me.

The second I heard about this book and read the synopsis I knew that this book would be something I would really enjoy. It’s right up my alley, story-wise and sounded like a great story. The second it became available I got it right away because I was so excited for this.

This was my first Linnea May book and though I did like this book, I really did, I just think it was a little too slow for me and it didn’t turn out the way I was hoping it would. I thought we would be getting something a little more intense. I kept waiting for that WOW moment that I was waiting for, but it never came. 

Overall, it was a good read but it was just really lacking the intenseness that the synopsis alluded to. A solid ⭐️⭐️⭐️ star read from me.

About the Author:

Linnea May loves to read and write about strong alpha men with loaded bank accounts and skeletons in their closets. Her heroes are as sexy and beautiful as they are broken – only to be fixed by the smart & captivating heroines who cross their paths.

Originally from Europe, Linnea currently tries to befriend the lively squirrels in Rhode Island. 

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