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Hello all. How are you doing today?

I wanted to do a chatty post about reading slumps today. I have, probably like most of you, have been a victim of the reading slump one too many times. I personally go through many book slumps throughout a year, and I am honestly not sure why that is. That is how I have always been, and I have come to accept that is the way it’s going to be. I wanted to write this post mostly for myself and maybe for some of you as well, so that the next time this happens we have some options of what we could do to help “cure” it.

  1. Accept the slump: First and foremost I have learned that I just need to accept the fact that I am having a reading slump. I find it much harder to get over one if I just keep denying that I have one and keep trying to push on and try to read. It doesn’t help me if I try and push past it, so just accept that it happening and try and move on.
  2. Find or read a different kind of book: As you might know, I REALLY LOVE reading Romance novels. But sometimes after reading one after another after another with (most likely) the same repetitive storyline, I find it gets boring and I start to hate what I am reading, even if I might really enjoy it. Put that kind of book down and read something new (like a thriller or fantasy)!
  3. Re-read a favorite book: Re-reading a book that you love can really help spark your interest and help remind you why you love to read, intern getting you out of said reading slump.
  4. Stop trying to read a book or books that you aren’t enjoying: I do this to myself ALL THE TIME. Once I commit to something, I like to follow through and finish it. I especially do this with books. I give all authors and books the benefit of the doubt and I often force myself to read things that I don’t enjoy because I feel the urge and need to finish it. If you are not enjoying it or if it’s not the book for you, it’s okay to put it down. Reading is something that you enjoy doing, so don’t ruin your love for reading with a book that just isn’t for you.
  5. Read a fanfiction or use Wattpad: I’ve never told anyone that I do this, but it seems to work. I often go to these kinds of stories because I always zip through them. I don’t have to fully commit to finishing a story if I don’t want to. They are just fun and silly reads and I often find myself asking why am I reading this when I could read something with more substance. (I am not saying that Wattpad stories and books are bad because some are really good. They’re more the snacks, to the meal that is a novel.)
  6. Read in a new spot: I read mostly on my couch. But sometimes I need to change the scenery. I find that I really enjoy reading outside, (in the Spring and Summer of course) as well as in my bed, and a change in scenery can often help.
  7. Listen to an audiobook instead: I really love listening to audiobooks. I can zip through them quite fast. They are great to read while driving, taking a shower, cleaning, and working (sometimes).
  8. Watch some Booktube: This is a recent thing that a twitter follower suggested to me. This really helped me out and re-ignite my love and want to read. It was great visually seeing what others were reading. What they like and don’t like. Needless to say, I am obsessed with Booktube and now can’t stop watching.
  9. Read more than one book: I found in the last few months that this really works for me. Everyone is different, and I used to only be able to read one book at a time. Now I find that reading more than one book really helps me to not fall into a slump because I am usually reading or listening to multiple books at a time. The ability to have options and choose what I want to read based on my mood is helpful.
  10. Let it ride out: Sometimes nothing works and you just have to let it ride out until you get that spark to read again. Often times I try all of the suggestions I listed above and none of them work and that’s okay.

I hope that if you are in a reading slump that you can find my suggestions helpful.

Do you have any suggestions that I didn’t list above that seem to help you? Let me know in the comments. Thank you for reading and see you in the next one.

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2 responses to “Discussion Post | Reading Slumps”

  1. “Stop trying to read a book or books that you aren’t enjoying” is something I tell myself ALL the time because I consider myself to be a completionist and feel if I drop a book it would be wrong. But you can’t force yourself to enjoy something.

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