Book Review | Missing Clarissa

Missing Clarissa by Ripley Jones is live!

Perfect for fans of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, Ripley Jones’s Missing Clarissa is a gripping novel about two friends who start a true crime podcast―with dangerous consequences.

In August of 1999, dazzlingly popular cheerleader Clarissa Campbell disappears from a party in the woods outside the rural town of Oreville, Washington and is never seen again. The police question her friends, teachers, and the adults who knew her―who all have something to hide. And thanks to Clarissa’s beauty, the mystery captures the attention of the nation. But with no leads and no body, the case soon grows cold. Despite the efforts of internet sleuths and true-crime aficionados, Clarissa is never found―dead or alive.

Over twenty years later, Oreville high-school juniors and best friends Blair and Cameron start a true crime podcast, determined to unravel the story of what―or who―happened to this rural urban legend. In the process they uncover a nest of dirty small-town secrets, the sordid truth of Clarissa’s relationship with her charismatic boyfriend, and a high school art teacher turned small-town figurehead who had a very good reason for wanting Clarissa dead. Such a good reason, in fact, that they might have to make him the highlight of their next episode…

But does an ugly history with a missing girl make him guilty of murder? Or are two teenage girls about to destroy the life of an innocent man―and help the true killer walk free?

I received an eARC in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

This was my first time reading this author and it was quite fun and very interesting. At first I wasn’t that into it. It was somewhat hard to get into and wasn’t really catching my attention. However, I’d say about 30%-35% into the book is about where things really started to turn around and after that, the book had me. 

This story was intriguing and told in such an interesting way. I also had the chance to listen to the audio of this book (that was not gifted by the publisher or author) and that made the book even better. I had my suspicions of who might have done it but in the end I was completely wrong with who I thought it was. 

I do have to say that Cameron got on my nerves so much, especially in the beginning. I honestly wanted to strangle her at some points, but thankfully, Blair was able to even things out and make it much more enjoyable.

For this being YA book, I thought it was a pretty decent read! Did I think the overall plot was unrealistic? Absolutely, but that’s why I love reading, because it can be realistic or not.


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