Book Review | The Storms Between Us

The Storms Between Us by Sage St. Claire

Ember Blake isn’t looking for love.

After graduating college and escaping her abusive ex, she’s only interested in moving on with her life. But the shadows of her past send her running as fast as she can to the safety of her twin brother… and his dangerously handsome best friend.

Elijah Harding is content to live his life one tattoo at a time.

At 29, he’s worked hard to create a legitimate name for himself by opening a tattoo shop of his own. But when his best friend’s twin sister comes barreling into his life unexpectedly, he finds himself drawn to her despite his best efforts to stay away.

Ember would give anything to be free of the darkness following her. Elijah will stop at nothing to keep her out of harm’s way. Will their love be strong enough to weather the storms between them?

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I received an eARC in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

If life hadn’t gotten in my way multiple times, I would’ve finished this book in one sitting. This book seriously sucked me in from the very beginning. It was cute. It had some spicy scenes, and it was definitely emotional. This newly discovered author did a great job with telling Ember and Elijah’s story. The one little thing I didn’t like was that this was an Insta-Love trope. I don’t mind them, but they’re definitely not my favorite. I like to be pulled through the mud a little before the main characters finally get together. Other than that, I thought this author did a really great job. From my understanding this is her debut novel and it’s such a great start. I highly recommend giving her a try!


About the Author:

Writing has always been a hobby for Sage St. Claire. However, it was not always something she thought she could make a living with. After deciding it was time to make the leap before turning 30, she realized she had something valuable to share with the world and turned to writing novels.

Since turning her passion into a profession, Sage St. Claire has written prolifically and is constantly exploring new themes, genres and ideas. It’s incredibly hard work, but she’s never happier than when she sit’s down at her desk to put the opening words to a new novel on paper.

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