Release Blitz & Book Review | In Flesh We Burn

In Flesh We Burn by Claris Jade is now live!

Release Date: October 3, 2022

A spit-fire forensic scientist.

A possessive crime boss. 

A contract marriage and a bride with an expiration date. 

Yesenia is murdered and finds herself in the mythical Underworld and is granted a second chance to live. A chance to make different choices, save her best friend, and protect what’s left of her family before her illness inevitably seals her fate. This time, she won’t be playing the victim.

Armando, CEO and feared leader of The Abyss crime syndicate, has been searching for the young girl that saved him years ago. The girl with no memory of the broken man that darkens her doorway. 

When everything they’ve built comes crashing down will they survive the fire or will their secrets burn away their flesh and future? 

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I received an eARC in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

What a debut and what a read! This book was awesome and quite unique. There’s a lot going on in this book and it didn’t feel like a typical dark mafia romance, which I really loved. This is an entirely new world and the author does a pretty good job, trying to explain and get you up to speed with everything that has to do with the world. And it was somewhat confusing at first, but the further you get into the book the more things begin to connect and make sense. I absolutely love the connection between our two main characters, Yesnia and Armando. They have such a great connection toward one another, and I was completely enamored with them. the only thing I absolutely hated about this book was that freaking cliffhanger! Why are you making me wait!? I seriously can’t wait to see where things go in the story because I have absolutely no idea where things are gonna end. I’m very excited to read more by this author. I think this was a great debut novel, and she definitely came out strong with such a spicy, hot new book boyfriend!

Seriously, though, can I have book two now?


About the Author:

Claris lives in Sunshine California with her family and dog. Claris had been mesmerized by enthralling story telling as a kid and now chooses to express herself with all art forms. She loves to explore the different ways to mix sub-genres and tropes that are not normally put together, like a contemporary supernatural romance. She loves to write about how broken alphas and badass heroines fall in love to find the best versions of themselves and solace in each other. When she is not drawing or binging crime shows, she is probably adding more angst and drama to her books or thinking about how to connect all of her series. 

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