Release Blitz & Book Review | Upper Hand

Upper Hand by Amelia Wilde is now live! 

Gabriel Hill has everything he ever wanted… a position in the powerful consortium. These wealthy men own half of New York City. And they murdered his parents. He can finally exact revenge.

Except he has to leave behind Elise Bettencourt.

It was inevitable, really. Gabriel will lose everyone getting vengeance. There’s only room for one person on this suicide mission.

Even if he started to care for the sweet little baker.

Especially because he started to care for her.

Love is dangerous in the Hill family. It went up in flames years ago. This time, Gabriel is going to light the match himself.

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I received an eARC in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and options are my own.

Yet another great read from Amelia Wilde! Wow. The plot just thickens the deeper and see we get into this series! This series is based on power, betrayal, and vengeance. As we get deeper into the story we unfold so much more familial drama and ruthlessness to take each other down. Amelia had no issue showing and telling you how messed up some of these characters are. Especially with our Gabriel. He’s gone through so much trauma and it only looks like it’s going to get a little worse before it gets better. However, the growth we’ve seen from him so far is phenomenal. I really don’t want to say too much more but overall I really enjoyed this book and I cannot wait for the next book!


About the Author:

Amelia Wilde is a USA TODAY bestselling author of dangerous contemporary romance and loves it a little too much. She lives in Michigan with her husband and daughters. She spends most of her time typing furiously on an iPad and appreciating the natural splendor of her home state from where she likes it best: inside. 

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