Book Review | Wicked Idol

Wicked Idol by Becker Gray

Publication Date: November 17, 2020

The new girl doesn’t belong here.
So why can’t I stop thinking about her?

The daughter of the headmaster wants to ruin my school year before it’s even begun. Iris Briggs gets under my skin. With her demure skirts and braided hair, she flits around the periphery until she runs right into me, hot coffee soaking me as she looks up with wide, innocent eyes.

We start off scalding.
In the library, we reach lava levels.
And then in the city? She burns me to the ground.

I’m Keaton Constantine. My duty is to my family. At least, it was until I started unbraiding the good girl and realizing there’s more to life than duty.

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This is my first ever book by this author and I was pleasantly surprised! The chemistry between Iris and Keaton was scorching! You just can’t deny that these two are great for one another. I found it incredibly easy to get into these two, at times they were very relatable, but like any other high school romance, most of the things they did were way out there. They would never be able to pull some of the things they were doing in real life, but that’s why I loved it! I’d seen so many great things about this series and I’m so glad that I picked this one up. The Midnight Dynasty world is really becoming one of my favorites! I’ll definitely be reading book two and three ASAP.


About the Author:

Becker Gray is the brainchild of two best friends who love rich boys in peacoats.  The Hellfire Club is their first series together.  

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