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Hot For The Principal by Alexandria Goncalves

Release Date: March 7th 


Victoria had always had her life planned out… until that one moment when everything was ripped away leaving her feeling empty, scared, and insecure. Now, the only two pieces holding her together are her best friends.

Enter Auston Scott. A handsome stranger with green eyes, a bearded jawline, and sexy as hell three-piece suit. This new Principal—and her boss—looks as if he has just walked out of a GQ magazine.

Can Victoria let go of her past so she can fall for the man of her dreams and ignite a passion that she didn’t know could exist outside of the novels she teaches her English students?

She knows she shouldn’t go there, but what she doesn’t realize is that the new Principal holds a dark secret, one that could tear Victoria apart.

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Check out Hot For The Bartender, a second chance short story for free that takes place after Hot for the Principal!

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I received an eARC in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I can’t tell you how excited I was for this book. The second I saw that Alexandria (double check the spelling) was publishing her first book I knew I had to read it. Victoria and Auston are such a great match. I loved how their energies bounced back-and-forth off of each other. Her confidence and his cockiness really meshed well. They have such great chemistry and those spicy scenes? They were perfect! The main characters and side characters as well were so relatable. The story overall was so easy to read and quickly pulled me into its grips. The one little tiny thing that somewhat bugged me was there was a lot of explaining of things. I don’t want someone to tell me what’s happening in a book or what’s going on with the characters I want them to show me. I hope that makes sense. Because it makes sense to me. Other than that I thought this book was fantastic. The story was sexy, spicy and so easy to get into. I’m so excited to see where Alexandra‘s writing career goes. This is such a great start for her!


About the Author:

Alexandria Goncalves is from a small city in Southwestern Ontario, where she resides with her fiancé. Her passion for writing came at a young age and she found romance novels to help cope with the downsides in life. She pursued an under-grad in English Literature to help improve her writing skills and prepare for a career in writing. She writes a variety of steamy romance that ranges from contemporary to dark and taboo—and everything in between. When she’s not focused on her writing, she’s nose deep into a book, spending time with her fiancé, posting on her Instagram or TikTok, or laughing with friends.

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