Book Review | Goodbye, Mr. Winters

Goodbye, Mr. Winters.
I truly hope you get the help you deserve.

I want to be bad.
Perhaps I already am.

Five years ago, I moved to the Kingdom of Katantia out of necessity. I became the queen’s therapist. When Jordan Winters, the queen’s ruthless head of security stepped into my office, I fell in love.
Over the years, the enigmatic Jordan has become an escape from my salacious past.
Five years have passed, and he hasn’t changed for the better, so I let him go.
A naughty birthday party reunites us, turning our professional relationship upside down.
Our affair is reckless.
He wants my tears, and I have every intention of delivering them.

Reader discretion is advised. Tropes: age gap. interracial, patient/therapist, mild Dominant/submissive vibes. Lighter than my usual work, but it ends on a dark note. 

I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Somehow, I am surprised by yet another book by Arabella Black. I mean by now, you would think since I’ve read all of her books so far that I wouldn’t continually be surprised every time I read a new book by her, but here we are. Jordan and Ivy are my favorite Arabella characters. Ever. I loved the dynamic between the two of them and just the way that they fit so well together. Even though they’ve known each other for five years, the development from a professional relationship into something more, seemed somewhat fast, but with these two it just worked well and didn’t seem out of place. I absolutely loved seeing the progress with Jordan throughout the book. In the beginning you can see that he is an absolute mess. No matter how much he doesn’t want to admit it. The further we get into the book the more you can tell he’s trying hard to change things with his family and his lifestyle, not only for family but also for himself. As for Ivy, or Little Doe as Jordan calls her, she’s very sweet and shy and also innocent. You can tell she really wants to help Jordan, but with his pushback from the beginning it was hard for her to get him to open up. This book is full of secrets and the deeper you get in the book, the more secrets and lies are revealed. You definitely got me a few times with things that happened that I wasn’t expecting at all. It really kept me on my toes and hungry for more after each and every chapter. I highly recommend reading The Wrath Royals series first to get a full understanding of all of the relationships and characters in this book! If you’re looking for a great book that isn’t too dark but also doesn’t shy away from being dark, then this is a great book for you.


About the Author:

Arabella Black used to be a Directioner (still is COUGH COUGH), hiding behind a strange name on Wattpad. Two years and lots of forbidden stories later, Wattpad banned her, and she took a break from writing. She then focused on musicals where she played the lead dead girl. She also moved to Sheffield, UK, to trace her favorite band’s origins (“We’re the Arctic Monkeys from High Green, Sheffield!”). After spending most of her life being a faux vampire novelist, a Spanish model fanfic writer, and a smutstress, Arabella returned to the world of books in 2020. Bookblogging is her safe haven. She’s back to writing books, but this time around, she’s all about WAPs & the hot boys that earn them.

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