Book Review | Fable of Happiness: Book One

A house hidden in the middle of nowhere.
A man who’s lived alone for a decade.
A woman who trespasses on his solitude.
A love full of hate as well as hunger.

The thing about my life is…I was never in control of it.
I just I thought I was.
I thought I had everything figured out—a good career, fun hobbies, a bright future, but everything changed when I found an ivy-cloaked house, tucked in a forgotten valley, hiding a man who corrupted my world forever.
I thought I was successful, until he showed me fortune and happiness could be snatched away in an instant.
I believed I was blessed, but really, I was cursed.
Cursed to become a plaything for a monster.
Cursed to become a prisoner just because I trespassed.
Now, I know nothing.
I am nothing.
I’m just his. 

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I received the audiobook for this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Holy shit!!

This book was such a complete surprise to me. I honestly shouldn’t be so shocked because it’s Pepper Winters, but here I am. I’ve just got to say you have to go into this book as blind as a bat. I did and I could be more thankful. I loved the story, I thought it was quite unique, engaging and really kept me on my toes. I had no clue how things were going to turn out and that ending really got me. The audio for this book was absolutely phenomenal. I loved the dual narration. I’m about 99% sure that this is my first time ever listening to both narrators, Tor Thom and Charley Ongel. They did such a great job with this book and really kept me engaged the entire time. Make sure you check out the triggers before you read this book. It’s pretty dark and won’t be suitable for all readers, but it sure is for me! I can’t wait to read/listen to book two. I need to know what happens.


About the Author:

Pepper currently has thirty-one books released in nine languages. She’s hit best-seller lists (USA Today, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal) thirty-seven times. She dabbles in multiple genres, ranging from Dark Romance to Coming of Age.

After chasing her dreams to become a full-time writer, Pepper has earned recognition with awards for best Dark Romance, best BDSM Series, and best Hero. She’s an #1 iBooks bestseller, along with #1 in Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, and Erotica Thriller. She’s also honoured to wear the IndieReader Badge for being a Top 10 Indie Bestseller.

After releasing two books with Grand Central, Hachette (Ruin & Rule and Sin & Suffer) Pepper is a Hybrid Author of both Traditional and Self-published work.

For all film and foreign rights please contact Erica Silverman at Trident Media.

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