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From USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Willow Winters, comes a sexy second-chance MC romance set in a gritty underworld you won’t soon forget.


Release Date: December 21st

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From USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Willow Winters, comes a sexy second-chance MC romance set in a gritty underworld you won’t soon forget.

Sexy and sinful.

Those words have been used to describe me a time or two. But they fit her too. My ride or die. My one and only. My addiction and my sanity. Our pairing was a business decision done right.

Until all hell broke loose.

I took the fall for her, and it cost me everything.

Prison made me harder; this life made me colder. Seeing her again for the first time in years, eyes wide with promises and heartbreak, I can feel time falling away.

But danger still haunts her, and I’m not the man I once was. There’s no way she could love the monster I’ve become. Still, I’ll do anything to protect her. Even if it means taking down everyone standing in my way.


It may have been years but I remember that soft gasp where a touch of surprise lingers.  The way her eyes nearly close, heavy with lust is a detail that hardens me even more, although I didn’t think it were possible.  

As I press my splayed hand against her lower belly and then lower, her back arches, bringing her ass to press against me.  Only the thin fabric we both wear under the covers separates us now.  

A deep groan leaves me, one of primal need that I can’t control. 

The bed groans as she peeks over her shoulder, looking up at me with a concoction of emotion swirling in her eyes.  She swallows audibly, not breaking the gaze to tell me, “I used to dream of that sound.”  The moment she’s spoken, it’s almost like she wishes she hadn’t.  As if she’d reach up and grab the words, hide them and never admit that again if she could. 

There’s a wretched pain that burrows into my chest as she attempts to look away, but I crash my lips against hers, taking the kiss I snuck in here to claim.  

Maybe I shouldn’t be here.  Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this.  But as she turns in my arms, her hands gripping my shoulders, her legs wrapping around my hips as she clings to me, greedy for more, I don’t give a fuck. 

She has always been mine.  

Even if the MC doesn’t trust her.  Even though she broke my heart.  Even after years of being apart. 

She’s mine.  She’ll always be mine.

About the Author:

I started writing after having my little girl, Evie, December of 2015. All during my pregnancy with her I read. I only wanted to read romance novels and I read everything I could get my hands on. I would read a book a day — sometimes two. In January I was staying up late with her and just thinking of all these stories. They came to me constantly. I finally sat down and just started writing. I always wanted to do it so I figured, why not?

I never thought I would reach this point of success to be honest. It’s insane to me that I have connected with so many readers.

And I love each and every one of them for all of their support. I’ll be honest, some days are HARD. I have my littles during the day and I write at night. Some days are just simply exhausting and then I hear from a reader and it motivates me to push through and keep writing.  I couldn’t be more grateful for this wonderful career.

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