Book Review | Sinning Like Hell

Sinning Like Hell form USA Today bestselling author Trilina Pucci is LOVE! You do NOT want to miss this epic conclusion of Calder and Sutton’s star-crossed love story!


USA TODAY bestselling author, Trilina Pucci brings you the finale of Sutton and Calder’s heart wrenching love story.

We’ll never run away.

There won’t be stars or a blue sky filled with heaven staring down on us.

All we have is death and destruction.

A life sentence, forced to survive within the absence of our love.

Until five years later.

“Death isn’t waiting for Calder—it’s listening for his instruction.”

Sinning like Hell is the continuation of book one, Just like Heaven.
Book One must be read to understand Book Two.

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I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and options are my own.

Finally, the conclusion to one of my favorite duets of the year. This book, like the first, Just Like Heaven, had me absolutely mesmerized. The love, pain and suspense throughout the book literally had me on the edge of my seat. This book picks right back up where book one ends and you are just thrown in with the wolves. Calder and Sutton are probably some of my favorite main characters ever. The passion and love that these two share for one another just literally radiates off the page. From book one, all the way through book two, their love and devotion never lets up. No matter what they go through or the trials and tribulations that they’re put through, they continue to prove the love they have for one another. The Romeo and Juliet-esque story definitely enhances my love for this book. It’s not exactly the same, but it definitely resembles parts of Romeo and Juliet which is probably why I love the book so much. It’s such an all-consuming story and probably one of my favorite reads of the year. I don’t wanna say anything else because I know I would give something away. This book will forever be ingrained in my brain and, to date, this duet is my favorite by Trilina! 

Such an unforgettable and epic romance.


About the Author:

Trilina is a former professional dancer (you may have even seen her on the MTV Music Awards) and a USA Today Bestselling author who loves cupcakes and bourbon.

When she isn’t writing steamy love stories, she can be found devouring Netflix with her husband, Anthony, and their three kiddos. Pucci’s journey into writing started impulsively. She wanted to check off a box on her bucket list, but what began as wish-fulfillment has become incredibly fulfilling. Now she can’t see her life without her characters, her readers, and this community.

She’s known for being a trope defier, writing outside of the box and creating fictional worlds her readers never want to leave.

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