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Our Naked Souls by Alessandra Vitale

Publication Date: November 18th 2020

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An all new Stand-alone Contemporary Romance in The Seasons of the Soul Series…


A bad man once broke me, leaving me trapped in a cage built out of my own shame. Shackled to the bars of the past.

Afraid. Lonely. Unable to move on.

Then, I met him.

Beautiful, intense, and stuck in a cage of his own. He makes me want to live again. I want to save him. I want him to save me.

But good guys don’t like ruined girls. And even if he did, would I have the courage to break free, and learn to fly again?

For him?


A sad woman once broke me, leaving a crater in my chest I’ll never fill again.


Crippled by past mistakes and present fears.

Then, I met her.

Enchanting, stunning, and in pain. I want to love her. I want her to love me.

But she doesn’t deserve to fall into the abyss of my broken soul. I should stay away and yet, I can’t let her go. Am I strong enough to become a better man?

For her?

WARNING: This book contains mature content such as abuse, which may be disturbing to some of you. Read at your own risk.


Throughout this book I kept reminding myself that this is a debut novel, and I’m still shocked. This book was great, absolutely heartbreaking and soul crushing but great! Arabel and Enzo are two of my favorite characters. The fact that these two have been through so many heart-wrenching things and are able to understand, fight and move forward together was lovely to read. Not only do I love both main characters, but every single side character that’s in this book is awesome. This book was so easy to get caught up into. I definitely would’ve finished this much faster if life didn’t get in my way. I’m really excited to read book two and can’t wait to see what else Alessandra Vitale has up her sleeve.


About the Author:

I grew up with the elves and the faeries and I still look for dragons in every land I visit. I love to write and can’t imagine life without pouring my heart and soul onto a page, physical or digital. I graduated with a degree in psychology, which I didn’t use for long but now helps me write emotionally fulfilling stories. A few years ago, I met my parents’ neighbor, and within days knew he was the one. We now live in the mountains with our little girl, our dogs Rex and Feyre, and two adorable (albeit loud) cockatiels, Dylan and Rosie. I love aerial dance, music, and baking. I’m obsessed with the British band Muse, which I force my family to listen to often (but it’s okay because I bake for them all the time). When not writing, I’m enjoying the beauty of our forty-acre wood, bingeing on fantasy movies and TV shows (I’ve watched Shadow and Bone three times!), curling up on the couch with a good book, talking with friends about books, and hanging out with family.

Stay in touch & follow me on Amazon to be notified of my next release. Happy reading!

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