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NOW FREE IN KU!!! The Mafia Royals Series by Rachel Van Dyken is now available FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!!

“The Mafia Royals Series by Rachel Van Dyken is captivating, jaw dropping, gritty, and full of heartbreak and passion. This is mafia romance at its best.” – Keely Reads Romance

“An amazing jaw dropping series that will capture your heart, tear it apart and build it back again!” – Lisa Daus

“Rachel Van Dyken is the Queen of epic mafia romance, where suspense, laugh out loud moments and unique storylines are a testament to her brilliance!” – MI Bookshelf

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We are enemies, lovers… soulmates.

We harbor secrets and scandals.

We embody both loss and love.

We are the second generation of the mafia.

May the best man or woman be left standing.

Blood in.

Never out.

May God bless our tainted souls. 


Read the prequel novella, Royal Bully, FREE on all sites here!

Ruthless Princess | Scandalous Prince | Destructive King


Mafia King – Releasing April 27: Pre-order now here!

Fallen Royal – Releasing in July: Pre-order now here!

Broken Crown – Releasing in December: Pre-order now here!

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