Release Blitz & Book Review | Striker

Striker by Rachel Leigh is now live! 

Two wrongs don’t make a right. But try telling them that. 

I wasn’t supposed to be at that house.
I should have never wandered away from the party.
And I definitely shouldn’t have pressed my ear to that door.
The words I heard play in my mind like a record on repeat.
Now, they want my silence.
The four guys who terrorize the halls of Redwood High as a sport will stop at nothing to make sure that my lips are sealed.
What they don’t know is that I refuse to go down without a fight. 

Marni Thorn thinks she’s holding all the cards. 
She believes she’s harboring our secret. 
Little does she know, it wasn’t ours to begin with. 
We made a rule that she’s off limits.
But a body like that is meant to be touched. 
Limits are pushed, and rules are broken. 
But one things for certain, I have my little rebel right where I want her.

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This was my first time reading something by Rachel Leigh and it surely won’t be the last! Let me start off by telling you how much I love unrealistic YA Romances. They are the only ones I can read nowadays and this surely didn’t disappoint. I LOVED this book. The characters and the story was just perfect! It has a great pace, it’s easy to follow long and keeps you guessing the entire time. I don’t think my phone/kindle could handle how much I was flying through the pages with this one. I didn’t want to put this down. If you are looking for something steamy, suspenseful, dark, that’s vague and will leave you wanting more this is something you should pick up. I highly recommend reading this!!


I received an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

About the Author:

Rachel Leigh resides in West Michigan and has three beautiful children with her husband of eleven years.

She overuses emojis and lol. Coffee is her guilty pleasure, paired with a nice alpha hero romance novel. Writing is her passion. Her goal is to brighten at least one person’s day with the worlds she creates between the pages of her books. 

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