Book Review | The Aftermath of Drifting Away

The Aftermath of Drifting Away by Audrey Beaudoin

Publication Date: July 15th 2020

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We survived the plane crash. 

We survived days on a raft in the middle of the ocean. Right when all hope to get rescued crumbled, we shared a kiss that left me heartbroken―my first and last kiss.

Or so I thought. Because we didn’t die. 

My plan is to never see Chris Ross again. To keep hanging out with his sister without crossing his path. Getting my life back together and working on my goals are the only things that matter. I have plans, and they don’t include love. 

But then he shows up at my workplace, asking for my friendship. When I learn something that changes everything, I’m determined to stay away and not let myself fall for him.

Too bad he’s persistent. Too bad I can’t stop thinking about the damn kiss. Too bad it’s nice having him around and being his friend.

If things were to change, they could get really complicated…

Such a sweet and charming read!

If you are looking for something easy to digest, that will have you laughing, crying, happy and sad this is the book for you. It’s such a great book; not only because of the romance, but because it’s about growth and learning that life’s short and you should be with and do things that you truly love. This book was such a sweet and enjoyable read. It was a super, super, super slow burn with amazing main and side characters. They have depth and are so easy to relate to. I really loved that even though something tragic happened to these three people, that they end up not only finding the best friends but they also help each other grow and learn from their experience together. If you are looking for something easy to read that’s full of emotion, but it isn’t over the top with drama, this is a book you should pick up.


I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review!

About the Author:

Audrey Beaudoin is a Canadian author of Contemporary Romance. Being a French native speaker didn’t stop her from writing her first English story in 2017. She loves writing sweet romance novels, sometimes with a touch of suspense.

When she’s not writing, you can find her reading, designing book covers she’ll never use, and scrolling through Pinterest.

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