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Captor by Jenny Lynn

Publication Date: March 13, 2018

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Some people think I’m a hero. To others, I’m nothing more than a criminal. It doesn’t matter. None of us deserves to be saved, we’re all sinners here.


Wealth. Power. Women. If you strip it all away, what’s left of me? Just the monster; anger, vengeance, violence. Criminals stole everything that mattered from me, and I’ve made it my mission to make them pay.

The police are trying to catch me, organized crime bosses want me dead, every night I go out in disguise and hand out my own brand of justice – no one can stop me. But I got careless. I fucked up. I took off my mask one night, in front of a crime reporter no less, and that one mistake could be my downfall. I need to finish what I started. I can’t let anything, or anyone, stand in my way.

Sorry, Ella James. It looks like you’ll need to go missing for a while.


If I had a dollar for every time I was told covering crime and vice in Las Vegas for the local paper wasn’t a job for “a girl like me”, I’d have enough money to rent a better apartment. But I want to cover this beat, need to cover it. Besides, it’s perfect for “a girl like me.”

Parents – killed

Sister – an escort who went missing without a trace.

Family – I’m all that’s left.

When you have nothing to lose, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to uncover the truth. Women are being beaten, exploited, going missing or ending up killed. I’ll shine a light on all of the dark, murky parts of the criminal underworld. I’m not afraid of anything, or anyone. And that includes you, Beckett Carter.

Let me go, you can’t keep me locked up forever.

I won’t let you.

This book captivated me. At first I wasn’t sure of this book. But about 5 chapters in it sunk its teeth in me and wouldn’t let me go. The mystery behind everything really kept me in place reading until I was all done. I thought it was a great story with great main characters. Ella and Beckett are such a dynamic duo. They have electric chemistry and sexual tension you could cut with a knife. I can’t wait to read and learn much more about these two, I know we’ve only touched the surface on them and I can’t wait to get deeper into things.


I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review!

About the Author:

Jenny Lynn has plenty of time to write steamy romance novels these days. You see, she’s been taken hostage by an unscrupulous mob boss, held against her will in the east wing of his mansion where each day of captivity bleeds into the next. Certain details she doesn’t know; who is this man, where is she, and why was she taken? She will never stop fighting for her freedom. Yet when her mysterious captor sits across from her and demands answers to questions she doesn’t understand, at that moment she accepts she is afraid – but not for her life. She’s afraid his piercing blue eyes and stern voice will tempt her to give in to anything he asks. The worst part? The way he leans back in his chair and smirks at her means he knows it.

Are you into charismatic billionaires? Cocky bad boys? Dominant alpha males? Dark romance villains? If yes, then you’re in luck, because those are the kinds of flawed and complex characters you’ll find in her novels. Jenny loves weaving in exciting plot twists, steamy scenes, and enough chemistry to make your grade school science teacher blush.

Take a break from reality; lose yourself in books that will keep you up at night thinking about men worth falling in love with, and definitely worth lusting after.

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