Relese Blitz & Book Review | For Her Benefit

For Her Benefit, book three in the See No Evil Series by USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Nana Malone is live!

Tonight, I risk it all. 

My fortune.

My freedom.

My love.

My so-called brothers in oath have betrayed me. Perhaps they forgot how many of their secrets I’ve been keeping.

Tonight, vengeance is mine.

But when it comes to heisting a priceless diamond there is no simple plan. There will be blood. After all, there is no such thing as a bloodless coup.

I’m not the only one risking it all. At the center of it all is the woman I never saw coming. The woman who owns my heart.

What a tangled web I’ve woven, trying to find honor amongst these thieves.

The good news is, I know who to trust. 

The even better news…I know who to burn.

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Out in the van, I watched and waited for signs of Livy.

East leaned over. “Mate, we can’t wait any longer.”

He was out of his mind. No way was I leaving without her, period. “What the fuck are you saying? We wait.”

“Fine, we’ll give it another minute. Maybe she’ll come out, or maybe she already made it out of another exit.”

From my periphery, I saw Bridge shake his head, and I glanced back at East. Roone was coming over from the other car. “We’re going to miss our window. The police will be here soon. It’s better to move, or would you rather explain what the fuck we’re all doing here? Time to go.”

I shook my head. “No. Liv’s inside. We can’t leave her.”

His voice was low and hushed like he was speaking to a spooked animal. “Listen, we can do more by getting back to the house and planning. Figure out where she is, where she went, and what happened. Right now, we can’t do anything if we all get pinched. Do you hear me?”

I growled at him. “I’m not fucking—” His straight jab to my face came quick, and the edges of my vision wavered a little.

“What the fuck? Did you just hit me?”

“Yeah, because you’re being irrational. You’re putting us all in danger.”

I was done. Done playing along. Done getting along. 

I had to go back for her. 

East must have guessed my intention because he reached for my arm, which I quickly dodged. Then I stepped around Roone and bolted to his car. Her tracker was active, and I was going to get her back.

Danger, romance, suspense, oh my!

I’m so happy that I picked up the first book in this series. I truly love Nana Malone’s way of telling stories and I’m so glad I picked up a book by her. She really knows how to suck you into a suspenseful read with so many steamy and delicious parts you never know what’s going to happen next. I was completely on my toes this entire book. I loved the way things ended with Ben and Olivia and that they got their happy endings. Ben is your typical alpha male and ready to put up a fight with anyone who crosses him and especially to anyone who crosses Olivia. Olivia is such a strong and powerful woman and someone to really aspire to. She’s tough and yet sweet, especially when she puts Ben in his place. This was such an epic conclusion to a great story that left things open to what could come next.

One of the main things that I loved about this book/series is that not only do you get Olivia and Ben who are such a great couple, but you also have side characters that you’ve been reading about and want to hear what their stories are because even though you only get tid-bits of them its enough to spark your interest and hope for more books with the side characters also. This book and series overall is such a treat. With plenty of action, explosive romance and very entertaining this is such a great read to dive into.


I received an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

About The Author:

USA Today Bestseller, Nana Malone’s love of all things romance and adventure started with a tattered romantic suspense she “borrowed” from her cousin. 

It was a sultry summer afternoon in Ghana, and Nana was a precocious thirteen. She’s been in love with kick butt heroines ever since. With her overactive imagination, and channeling her inner Buffy, it was only a matter a time before she started creating her own characters.

While she waits for her chance at a job as a ninja assassin, in the meantime Nana works out her drama, passion, and sass with fictional characters every bit as sassy and kick butt as she thinks she is.

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