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How would you like a personalized letter from Grayson Crowne from DESTROYED DESTINY by Mary Catherine Gebhard, coming October 27th? All you have to do is fill out the attached form here and Grayson Crowne will send you something in the mail for FREE! One lucky reader who signs up for a postcard will also win a special Crowne Point something :O Who else is counting down the days for Destroyed Destiny!?

Coming October 27th

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If my destiny with Grayson Crowne is divided, we’ll spend a lifetime finding our happily ever after.⁠

But if a house divided never stands, then my destiny with Grayson never stood a chance.⁠

Maybe we don’t need to find our destiny.⁠

We need to destroy it.⁠

Full blurb to come on cover reveal!

About the Author:

I started writing the moment I could read. My first characters were Wibbley and Squig and I used MS Word and clipart to bring them to life when I was a kid in elementary school. I started seriously thinking about being a writer in High School and I remember the day exactly, because it was such an epiphany. I was always so uncertain. You know how everyone was always asking what you wanted to be when you were older? Well I NEVER could decide.

I wanted to be a marine biologist.

An actor.

A FIRE FIGHTER (thank you Joaquin Phoenix in Ladder 49 for that phase).

One day it hit me—A WRITER. I could do it ALL. Then you couldn’t stop me from writing. I penned my first novel at fifteen (but don’t ask me to show it to you, because it’s like I was in competition to beat the thesaurus).  When I was diagnosed with a chronic illness, writing became even more important, because it became my therapy. When I wrote my characters, suddenly I wasn’t so alone.

These days you can find me daydreaming about where to travel with my husband, singing in my car, or lost in the newest K drama. And planning my next novel, of course

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