Book Review | Ten Week Turnabout

Ten Week Turnabout by Amelia Rose

Publication Date: July 15th 2020

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I remember the exact moment I decided to leave my tiny shithole of a town.

I was nine and eating a pink frosted donut with rainbow sprinkles, watching the adults mill around the musty church basement, and I realized that at nine years old, I knew every single person in my town.

And that was it for me. I was done. I decided, right then and there, that I had to leave, that I needed to live somewhere far, far away from here, where I could meet new people and try new things and have more to look forward to than finally being old enough to drink at the local bar without a fake ID.

Now? My life is great. Wonderful, even. I’ve got a killer job, a kickass best friend, and a studio in Soho that I live in by myself. The only thing I’m missing is that one promotion that will launch the rest of my career and solidify the life—the new me—I’ve worked so hard to build in this city.

So when a blast from my small town past shows up in my New York life, I know I have to run. But something about our constant arguing is a bit of a turn on. Toss in a few hot for teacher sex dreams and I’m a lost cause. I’m the kind of girl who’s always looking forward, but Noah Bloom makes me look back. And I’m not sure I can afford to spend so much time in the past.


When I laid eyes on her across the room within my first week in New York, I knew it was fate. In a city of eight million people, what are the chances that I run into Ingrid Wheeler, my date to the Turnabout dance all those years ago?

She might not be the happiest to see me, but her face in this overcrowded shithole of a city is like a breath of fresh air.

And although she’s just as stubborn as she was in high school, she’s also just as gorgeous. If she’ll show me the ropes around here, I just might survive my ten weeks in the big city and gain the business savvy I need to get my brewery off the ground. I’m hoping to get my small town on the map, and I think a damn good IPA is a nice place to start.

Now if I could just convince Ingrid that the life she left behind wasn’t so awful after all. And maybe, just maybe, we can see each other for who we really are and find some middle ground between us.

This book was unique and I think would do great as a weekly podcast. Noah and Ingrid are very interesting characters and very different from each other. To me, they are almost polar opposites. Noah is sweet, caring, funny and open. Ingrid on the other hand is somewhat closed off, independent, and eager to chase her wildest dreams no matter where they lead her. As long as it’s not back to her very small home town. I really enjoyed this read. However, I thought it was a little jumpy for me. I felt like it skipped over a lot, almost like they only wanted to share the most important parts and left out the nitty gritty. Other than that I thought It was cute, a quick read and a great story about two people coming back into each others lives. If you are looking for a quick and charming read, this is a book for you!

I can’t wait to actually listen to it now that it’s out!


I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Note: Ten Week Turnabout is currently only available as a podcast / audiobook.

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