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Release Date: May 28th

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I only had one rule: don’t fall in love with the cruel prince.

I broke it.

When the clock struck twelve, I went back to being a servant. He promised to let me go with my heart in pieces…but Grayson Crowne was always king at breaking promises.

I refuse to let him lock me in a tower.

I have no choice but to take the only out offered to me–another cruel prince.

Refuge in a man I loathe.

Rescued from the man I love.

I wanted to forget Grayson, forget Crowne Hall, and hide, but fate has other plans.

But if Grayson and I are fated, then our fate is forbidden.

Our happily ever after will only end one way…in heartbreak.

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This book. This book messed me up. I’m telling you, fucked with my mind, kinda messed up.

What in the actual hell did I read?

Okay. Okay. I think I’m ready. I’ve literally taken three days to fully digest this book and I still don’t know what to say. Mary Catherine Gebhardt you’ve truly made me speechless.

I thought I prepared myself for this book. I understand Mary’s writing abilities and what she can do with the story, so I really shouldn’t have been surprised by anything that happened. But I was left speechless. I was not expecting really anything that happened, especially that ending. No matter what you do to prepare yourself for this book, I don’t think anything would help. Definitely just go into it with an open mind.

Don’t get me wrong I really love this book. I did. But there are many things that I can’t get into detail about without giving anything away that made me doc a star for my review. I love Mary’s writing. I get sucked into the worlds that she builds. I thought this was a great book, it just left me disappointed to say the least. Which I am really sad and slightly mad about because I’ve been waiting forever for this book. I really wish I could give this five stars and maybe a few weeks after this book officially releases I can get into greater detail about why I didn’t give this five stars. I just really don’t wanna give it away for anybody. I had very high expectations for this book and it just didn’t hit that same level as Stolen Soulmate did.

ADDED 7/12/20: I don’t know what it is about this book that made me feel like I was just on a merry go round. I felt like I was going around and around and around with Gray and Story. Every fight, every conversation, basically anything that they did together was just the same conversation every freaking time. I really don’t get how there’s going to be another book after this one. I really just don’t understand it. I feel like everything could’ve been wrapped up in this book. I don’t see what the point of dragging this story out any longer and/or how it might help these characters progress. And what’s with the relationship with West and Story? Is she really going to be in any kind of relationship with him. Why would she ever think that being with him in the first place was a good option for her? And why didn’t she just leave and live on her own without any of them in the first place. She has the money to do it. Instead she stays with West? He treated her like complete shit when she was younger and even even now. He is sneaky and I mean for god sakes, he raped her when she was younger. I don’t get it. Am I the only one that sees it this way?


I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

About the Author:

I started writing the moment I could read. My first characters were Wibbley and Squig and I used MS Word and clipart to bring them to life when I was a kid in elementary school. I started seriously thinking about being a writer in High School and I remember the day exactly, because it was such an epiphany. I was always so uncertain. You know how everyone was always asking what you wanted to be when you were older? Well I NEVER could decide.

I wanted to be a marine biologist.

An actor.

A FIRE FIGHTER (thank you Joaquin Phoenix in Ladder 49 for that phase).

One day it hit me—A WRITER. I could do it ALL. Then you couldn’t stop me from writing. I penned my first novel at fifteen (but don’t ask me to show it to you, because it’s like I was in competition to beat the thesaurus).  When I was diagnosed with a chronic illness, writing became even more important, because it became my therapy. When I wrote my characters, suddenly I wasn’t so alone.

These days you can find me daydreaming about where to travel with my husband, singing in my car, or lost in the newest K drama. And planning my next novel, of course

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