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Sinner by Sierra Simone

Publication Date: March 15th, 2018

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I’m not a good man, and I’ve never pretended to be. I don’t believe in goodness or God or any happy ending that isn’t paid for in advance.

What do I believe in? Money. Sex. Macallan 18.

They have words for men like me—playboy. Womanizer. Skirt chaser.

My brother used to be a priest, and he only has one word for me.


***Sinner is a standalone companion to Priest about Father Bell’s brother Sean. You do not have to read Priest or Midnight Mass to read Sinner***

Holy moly. Holy moly. Holy moly. Holy moly. Holy moly.

Hello forbidden, delicious, and sinfully seductive Sean and sweet, innocent and naive Zenobia aka Zenny. This book gave me ALL the emotions. Are we sure I am still alive? This book played with my emotions. Like a board game, kinda played. I don’t know what to feel or how to feel. I’m giddy like a schoolgirl and yet so damn anxious about everything that did happen. This book kept me on my toes and no matter how painful that might be I couldn’t get enough of it. This book revolves around religion and our main characters’ relationship with God. I am by no means a religious person. Like Sean, I have had a VERY unforgiving dislike of God since 2008. This book definitely pushed my limits on the subject matter. Yes there’s the forbidden aspect, tons of sex and the age difference, but that’s not what I’m talking about. The use of God in this book is vital and I couldn’t see it played out in any other way. If you are like me, I really recommend you read this book. Typically I wouldn’t read a book with a religious subject matter in it but it made me love this book even more. The importance of this in the story is vital and truly makes this story unique. I am definitely going to be reading more from Sierra Simone! Thank you for pushing my limits in a non preachy way. If you are looking for a great forbidden, age gap read that is deliciously hot with a ton of passion and emotion that you get unbelievably invested in the story and characters then this is the book for you!.


I received a copy of Need You Now, a collection from Top Shelf Romance in exchange for an honest review. This book was included in that collection.

About the Author:

Sierra is a voracious reader of all things including the smuttiest smut, young adult, piles of non-fiction for research, and everything Bill Bryson (especially on audio).

She loves writing the dirtiest things that she can think of, King Arthur, sparkling water, Tarot, coffee, leggings, and learning new words daily. 

Her previous jobs have included firing ceramics, teaching living history lessons in one-room school house in full, 1908-approved school marm attire, and working as a librarian for several years—not in that order

She lives in the Kansas City area with her hot cop husband, two children, and two giant dogs. (And two cats, but they’re so naughty we don’t talk about them.) 

The social media she cares about the most are Spotify and Instagram. Following her in those places is a true love language, indeed.

Sierra is represented by Rebecca Friedman of RF Literary; foreign rights are handled by Bookcase Literary. You can reach her at, rights inquiries can be directed to Rebecca Friedman at

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