Tempted to Kiss | New Release

Tempted to Kiss, the thrilling third instalment in the Hard to Love series by USA Today Bestselling Author Willow Winters is now LIVE!!!!

I fell for someone I shouldn’t have.

I’m not the only person to ever do such a thing. I know that. And I’m not an awful person for desiring his touch, his kiss, his everything… but I knew I shouldn’t have indulged.

There’s something about knowing it’s wrong that tempts me that much more. The seduction became a game with higher stakes than any before him. In fact, it was only ever him.

The thing is, I knew I shouldn’t. Now that the game is over and the pieces have fallen… I know I should have just walked away.

There’s no way out of the wreckage.

That doesn’t change the fact, that I wanted him more than anything. I still want him more than anything.

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