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Teach Me by Red Phoenix
Publication Date: May 22nd, 2016
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Take a peek into the sensual world of BDSM.

Brie Bennett’s life is about to change the day Sir Thane Davis discovers her working in a tiny tobacco shop..

His invitation to a renowned school, famous for its submissive training, will rock her world. She has no idea the things that will be asked of her or the boundaries that will be pushed—but she’s eager to find out.

Let me start this review by saying if you do not like reading about BDSM or don’t like the community overall I don’t suggest reading this book. Much of this book is sex and smutty content (perfect for me), so if you do not like this kind of content steer clear.

This is my first read by Red Phoenix and I found it very interesting. Bre Bennett never dreamed about it, or even thought herself as a submissive, that is until a mysterious and handsome stranger comes into her job and leaves her a card for The Submissive Training Center. Not an ordinary training center, this place is a school for people interested in the BDSM lifestyle, specifically Submissives. To see if they are fit or capable of living and being in the community.

I do not want to give too much away, but in this first book we go through the journey with Bre while she is in Submissive school, learning the ins and outs on what it takes and how it feels to be a Submissive. This was hot, steamy, unbelievably emotional for me as a reader (remind me to do a post on how I rate books, this will make since if I explain that), and raw. Overall I liked the story but it just felt really drawn out to me. Though I understand that because of the content of this book, it has to be drawn out and explained so that the reader understands the BDSM dynamic. Which I really appreciated. I think that Red Phoenix did a great job at explaining the lifestyle and found that most of it seemed fairly accurate. Unlike another book by another author I’m not going to name. This was for sure a solid ⭐⭐⭐⭐ star read.

About the Author:

Red Phoenix is a USA Today Best Selling and award winning author who’s steamy erotic romance novels have paved her path to notoriety. While Red couldn’t possibly choose a favorite love story from her body of work, Brie’s Submission was the series that stole the hearts of readers across the world. As Brie’s story illustrates, Red is a big believer in the idea that love can truly conquer all, and her 27 years of happy marriage proves that she speaks from experience. It’s that very experience she uses to write relatable characters we can’t help but cheer on, pit them against trials and challenges that leave our hearts in our throats, and reward her characters and readers alike with wonderfully stimulating scenes of sensual pleasure.

“Erotica is delicious fantasy created to entice both the mind and body.” ~Red Phoenix

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