Top Ten Tuesday︱Settings I’d Like to See More Of (Or At All)

Hello all! How are you doing today?

Welcome to another week of the Top Ten Tuesday meme created by That Artsy Reader Girl!

This week’s prompt is Settings I’d Like to See More Of (Or At All). I’m not a huge stickler on settings in the books I read, so I kind of found this a lit hard for me to put together a list. Below are 6 Settings I’d love to see more of!

  1. Tropical Islands. (I’m obsessed with The Bahamas, The Maldives, and Bermuda. I can see your typical juicy Romance novel set here. Any suggestions?)
  2. A national park. (I could see a really creepy psychological thriller written in a national park.)
  3. A theme park. (Disney World)
  4. Castles. (Like Hogwarts or The Secret Garden)
  5. Upstate New York. (There are always so many stories set in NYC and I think upstate New York needs a little love.)
  6. Alaska. (I love Alaska and wish to visit there one day.)
  7. Washington State. (Because it brings me back to the Twilight days.)

Do you participate in TTT? If so leave a link to you post on the comments section and I will check out your list. What’s are some settings that’s you’d like to see more of?

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