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About the Books:

Lost in Vegas (The Desert Thriller Series #1):

John Smith is a man who solves problems, just don’t try to stop him. He is in Las Vegas trying to track down a missing woman, which should be a simple job. But he soon discovers he is not welcome, and there are those who want to make sure he leaves the city fast, in one way or another.

After reading the synopsis and with this being my first read from Ian Jones I was really enticed to get started on both books. Right away we are thrown into a situation with a missing women. John Smith the mysterious Private Investigator that no one knows anything about (even you) is called upon to help the Cromwell family get their daughter and sister back. I really enjoyed this book because you didn’t know what was going to happen. You may think you know how was going to play out, but then it happen in a different way. Really the only issue that I had with this book was how it changed perspectives. It would jump back and forth and I got confused so many times. This forced me to go back and re-read parts again. I wish it was broken up in a different way that wasn’t so confusing. Overall I really enjoy books like this. Considering I read a TON of Romance novels, I forget how much I really enjoy thrillers. They always keep me guessing and that really drives me when I am reading because you don’t know what it going to happen, anything is possible. I highly recommend this ⭐⭐⭐⭐ star read!

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North of the Rock (The Desert Thriller Series #2):

John smith is a man who solves problems, just don’t try to stop him. As a favour to an old friend in the FBI John returns to West Texas. But there is now a whole new town and way of life that has sprung up since he was last there ten years previously. He soon finds out he is in the middle of some very rich men who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

In this story, we are again following along John Smith the Private Investigator who finds out a serial killer Anthony Collis has a chance to get out of prison because of a set up. With his impeccable problem solving skills and military training, nothing gets past John Smith. When I thought something was going one way, it went the opposite. John Smith seemed to know what you were thinking and was 10 steps ahead of you without even knowing. Like in Lost in Vegas I was questioning everyone and anything that they were doing. You honestly couldn’t trust a soul. Lies, lies and more lies. Again, like in the first book really the only issue that I had with this book was how it changed perspectives. It was so jumpy and confusing at parts. I got so frustrated at one point I had to stop reading which was unfortunate. Overall I think it was written well, besides the jumpy parts, I really liked this one. I defiantly enjoyed Lost in Vegas more , but I would recommend this ⭐⭐⭐ ½ star book.

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About the Author

Residing in London, Ian Jones lives with his wife and daughter, a cat Gloria, tortoise Gary and three fish; Daphne, Velma and Scooby. He currently works at a Taiwanese hardware company, looking after Europe and works as an Electrician in his spare time. Ian Jones has been writing since he was twenty years old, though he mostly wrote black comedies and seemed unable to finish a complete novel. Fortunately, ten years ago, Ian Jones tried his hand at writing thrillers and published his very first novel, The Handsome Man. Since then he has had many other books published via Kindle Direct. Lost in Vegas is actually the second book that he wrote.

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